Space Gallery 

400 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO  Feb 17th -Mar 25th

My work as an artist focuses on exploring beauty and transcendence in the most ordinary
and mundane of things; whether cross walks on the street, barcodes, old art tools or scrap
  Over the past ten years, I have arranged raw steel squares in our garden, allowing the
passage of time and the elements to oxidize and transform them by stages into rust.
This process created a record of natural events, which translated into over 100
digital images, many shown in grids. 
  Working with Nocerino Editions, archival gicle prints were produced on a variety of
Grounds in signed, limited ditions.
  These colorful, abstract images reveal a kind of hidden life and the activity of energies
beyond our immediate perception.  Like paths of Ch’i or the work of an anonymous
alchemist, perhaps, you will see here the cosmos, a glimpse into a mystical landscape or
microbes-  it’s up to you.

Recent work